Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nolan's words

I'm not much of a talker yet, but at almost 15 months I thought this might be a nice time to take stock of my growing vocabulary.

Uh oh - This is my current favorite word. I like saying it before or after anytime I throw--er, drop--something.

Woof woof
- I don't say dog but will bark when someone asks me what doggies say or if I see one.

Mum mum - It's the name of a particular rice rusk snack Mom gets me at Whole Foods, but I use this as a term for any snack these days. Mom has plied me with snacks to keep me happy in the car during our daily commute so often now that I expect a snack nearly every time I'm in the car. I'm still rear-facing in the car seat, so whenever I want a snack all I have to do is say "mum mum" and hold my hand up. Within seconds, Mom puts a tasty treat in my hand. What a deal!

Mama, Dada - I don't use these often, but they're in my repertoire.

Up - I've learned this helpful word recently. It gets me picked up, or escorted up the stairs all the time!

And here are some words that Mom, Dad, and others think they have heard me say but aren't sure.

Thank you
Max (for our cat)

Happy labor day!

Happy Labor Day weekend! As usual, we've been very busy but I thought I'd hop on after my bedtime to give my loyal readers a quick update.

I'm walking up a storm now and looking cute as ever. Still have seven teeth and no sign yet of #8. Today, Mom, Dad and I went out to Loudoun County, Virginia, to visit a couple of wineries and go fall shopping for yours truly. First, we went to Breaux Vineyards, which has over 100 acres of grapes in 18 different varieties. After Mom and Dad tasted a few of their yummy wines they let me run around the grounds of the vineyard. What a gorgeous view! Then we stopped in for a quick tasting at Hillsborough Vineyards on the way to Leesburg Corner Outlets. I'll be sure to post some pictures from our day in the country as soon as we upload them.

Tomorrow we might go to the zoo or to the indoor play gym, and maybe even to the pool!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A few updates

Whew! It's been a busy couple of weeks but wanted to share some BIG news and some other updates. Nolan is now a walker! He took his first few tentative steps around the Fourth of July and within two weeks became a full-fledged walker. Every once in awhile he'll break out in a crawl, which makes me realize how much I'm going to miss that little speed demon when he stops crawling altogether.

Nolan also just cut tooth #6 - now he has three in a row on the bottom. And FINALLY the other top middle tooth is now showing signs of popping through, so he will soon have 7 teeth!

Last week we went on vacation to Massanutten in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with Nana and Papi. We had a blast at the pool, the indoor waterpark, playing tennis, going on walks, and just relaxing. Here are a few pics from the last few weeks. Enjoy!