Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick updates

Things sure have been busy around here recently. Mom and Dad have both been traveling a lot for work, which meant that I got to have fun with Nana and my Memere!

We went to the Baltimore Aquarium this past weekend, and I had a blast! I loved looking at all of the cool fish, and all of the boats in the harbor, too. We'll post pictures as soon as possible.

Also, I've got lots of new words: man, boat, bike, up, dig, buddy (as in, Mom calls me her Buddy), and thank you. Oh, and here's a funny story: I love making the elephant sound by blowing air quickly out of my lips (almost like a raspberry). I sometimes get a little carried away with it and blow so hard my face gets red. Well, the other night I blew so hard I knocked myself backward onto my bum! Mom and Dad were cracking up and wished they had gotten that on video.