Thursday, April 17, 2008

An afternoon in the life of Nolan Part II

Look who's here ... my old pal Truman

Play dead, Truman. Play DEAD, I say!

See, Mom? I'm playing nice!

OK, fine. I'll start my chores now. Oh, look, Mom has done some laundry.

Better help her get it all sorted ...

An afternoon in the life of Nolan ...

Just home from daycare ... what can I get up to?

Ooh, this room looks like fun!

Not quite ready for this yet ...

But this ... yes, THIS I can do!

Just because I'm cute ...

Nothing to report, Mom just had to post this because I'm just so stinkin cute.


So I'm sure you all have seen the news reports where the FDA has actually admitted that the BPA that is in plastic baby bottles and other baby gear is of "some concern." Thank goodness we got rid of all of our BPA stuff a long time ago!

Mom stumbled upon this great site that lists (and even shows pictures of) baby items that are BPA free, as well as those that have BPA. It also covers pthalates and other chemicals and has up-to-date recall lists. This one is definitely one to bookmark!

It's a sad state of affairs that these types of web sites need to exist in the first place ... but that's a post for another day.

On another note, it is GORGEOUS outside today, and tomorrow should be just as nice. National Zoo, here we come!

10 months old!

We have been so busy that we have neglected this poor blog! Let's see if I can give you an update on everything that has happened since last we wrote.
  • I learned to clap and do "high five"
  • I'm still cruising and am able to get around more and more standing up
  • I cut my first two teeth! It started with the front-right bottom tooth, followed very closely by the one right to the left. They are not completely out yet, but they're definitely there!
  • I'm switching daycares so I can go to work with Mom and Dad! I have been in a great daycare these past few months but we had the great opportunity to join the daycare in Mom's building, so I'm looking forward to seeing her even more during the day. We are going to the zoo with the kids and the parents in the classroom tomorrow, so that should be fun. I start a week from Monday, so wish us all luck!